Month: July 2019

Is it worth paying into Pensions for Grandchildren and Children

Author: Jon Doyle July 31, 2019 In Blog
Children grow up fast, my eldest is just starting secondary school and she seems to be growing up at a rate of knots! For parents, there are many ways to encourage them to take control of their finances from a […]

The World In A Week 26 – The Greatest Showman?

Author: Jon Doyle July 30, 2019 In World in a Week
Headlines were dominated by the Conservative Party leadership contest, which saw the expected outcome of a victory for Boris Johnson. In his inaugural speech as Prime Minister, Johnson said his priorities were to deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn.

Peoples are earning more in retirement than ever before

Author: Jon Doyle July 26, 2019 In Blog
New research has found that middle-income 60 to 74-year-olds are enjoying 60% higher income than the same age group back in the mid-1990s.

The World in a Week 25 – Quarterly Earnings Season For US Banks

Author: Jon Doyle July 23, 2019 In Blog
The biggest US banks reported their second quarter earnings of 2019 last week and it was generally a robust quarter for them all, although Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs disappointed a bit by being the only major US banks to have revenues, net income and earnings-per-share all fall compared to a year earlier.

Addressing the motherhood pension penalty

Author: Jon Doyle July 19, 2019 In Blog
When it comes to pensions, women often get a raw deal, relative to men and as a husband and father to two girls this bothers me. Lower lifetime earnings, combined with career breaks to raise children and care for relatives, are factors which result in less money in later life.

Lessons from the suspension of Woodford Equity Income

Author: Jon Doyle July 17, 2019 In Investments, News, Personal Finance
It’s been a busy old month in the world of investing, following the suspension of Neil Woodford’s flagship £3.7bn Equity Income fund and the fallout on companies such as Hargreaves Landsdown.

The World In A Week 24 – Fact & Fiction in the Far East

Author: Jon Doyle July 16, 2019 In Blog
Markets were quite sedate last week, with global equities as measured by the MSCI ACWI Index falling -0.2% in GBP terms. UK shares were down -0.6%, while Europe Ex-UK was down -1.1% and the S&P 500 in the US bucked […]

Lies, damn lies and iliquidity

Author: Jon Doyle July 12, 2019 In Blog, Investments, Personal Finance
Cashflow is king! With the liquidity of investment funds coming into sharp focus in recent weeks, following the trading suspension i