Month: August 2019

The World In A Week 29 – The G7, and other Sticky Wickets

Author: Jon Doyle August 27, 2019 In Blog, World in a Week
Market volatility continued for the week ending 23rd August 2019, with global equities down -1.6% in GBP terms as measured by MSCI ACWI – this was primarily driven by ongoing concerns regarding the US economy as well as a weakening Dollar. Global bonds fell -0.1% over the week, while Sterling bonds fell -0.3%. Sterling rose against all major currencies, having weakened significantly for the year to date.

Crypto derivatives finally face retail investor ban

Author: Jon Doyle August 23, 2019 In Blog, FinTech, Investments, Personal Finance
One of the riskiest forms of investment currently available to UK investors is facing a regulatory ban. Under new proposals from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the sale of derivatives and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) which reference cryptocurrencies would be banned from sale to retail investors.

The World In A Week 28 – Rebel Without A Cause

Author: Jon Doyle August 20, 2019 In Blog, World in a Week
The US and China are both playing hardball, with neither wishing to lose face, but so far, there is no winning, only losing. On a topic that we have written extensively about in the past, trade wars continue to fluctuate between resolution and escalation

Liquidity is the new king of investing

Author: Jon Doyle August 16, 2019 In Blog, Investments, News, Personal Finance
When it comes to investing money, liquidity should be highly significant consideration. Liquidity is the ability to get access to your money when you need it. An instant access cash deposit account with a bank or building society is a example of a liquid investment, as are stocks traded on a listed equity market, such as the London Stock Exchange.

Don’t pay your child’s university fees – do this instead….

Author: Jon Doyle August 15, 2019 In Blog, Personal Finance
With A-level results in hand and University place secured, deferred or perhaps your child is facing the prospect of clearing, re-sits or a complete re-think your mind will at some point turn once again to the prospect of University Tuition Fees and Maintenance Loans.

The World In A Week 28 – Thucydides’ Trap

Author: Jon Doyle August 13, 2019 In Blog, World in a Week
Last week we wrote about the deterioration in outlook and this week we write about the actual fallout. We saw safe havens rallying as fears of a recession increased markedly; gold hit a six-year high and US stocks had their worst trading day in 2019.

Tapered Annual Allowance – What NHS Pension members need to know

Author: Jon Doyle August 10, 2019 In Blog, Dental, Investments, Medical, Personal Finance
The Annual Allowance is reduced for all individuals with a ‘threshold income’ of £110,000 or more and an ‘adjusted income’ of £150,000 or more.  This article explains these two measures of income and how the Tapered Annual Allowance works for those affected. It is worth noting that NHS Pension members do not currently have the option to stop or reduce their pension input while remaining a member of the scheme.  Doctors who are subject to a Tapered Annual Allowance will therefore commonly find they have an Annual Allowance excess to pay.

Personal Injury payouts are about to get smaller increasing the importance of Financial Planning

Author: Jon Doyle August 9, 2019 In Blog
At Juniper Wealth Management we work with Trustees of Personal Injury Trusts and individual beneficiaries to help them invest compensation awards to meet their needs. Following a lot of speculation, there’s been a significant change to the ‘discount rate’ used to calculate compensation payments following personal injury claims.

What worries you most about a change in government?

Author: Jon Doyle August 7, 2019 In Blog
The appointment of Boris Johnson as the new Conservative party leader brings uncertainty and concern about a possible change in government. Political uncertainty can cause investors to lose confidence in domestic equity markets. This latest bout of political change coincides with more considerable uncertainty around Brexit, with Prime Minister Johnson plotting a course towards a no-deal exit from the European Union at the end of October.

The World in a Week 27 – Dialing Down

Author: Jon Doyle August 6, 2019 In Blog
The US Federal Reserve was in the limelight last week; Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, delivered an unsurprising rate cut at his press conference, the first reduction in a decade. The 25bps clip was termed a ‘mid-cycle adjustment’ with Powell emphasising that the cut was not part of a steady trajectory of rate reductions and was merely a means of ‘insurance’.