Month: January 2020

What happens if I retire without enough savings?

Author: Jon Doyle January 30, 2020 In Blog
What options are available for people who retire without enough savings? You might continue working. Delaying retirement by working longer gives you the option to save more, and means your savings don’t need to stretch quite as far when you eventually retire. Alternatively, you could reassess your lifestyle and spend less in later life. Cutting back on expenditure in retirement isn’t always the answer, as some expenses are unavoidable. but what does the research say people are doing?

The World In A Week 45 – The Year Of The Rat

Author: Jon Doyle January 28, 2020 In World in a Week
The World Health Organisation have called for emergency action in China following 830 confirmed cases with 41 deaths reported so far. The Chinese city of Wuhan, home to some 11 million people has been inundated with new patients seeking treatment.

Your Financial Planner will see you now

Author: Jon Doyle January 23, 2020 In Blog
A recent survey carried out by Lloyds and Schroders identified that nearly one in five people would prefer a visit to the dentist than a visit to their financial planner. We all know the benefits to our health of visiting a dentist regularly, but what about the benefits to our wealth of visiting a financial planner? It seems that the financial planning profession needs to do much more work to make visiting your financial planner more palatable than the regular trip you schedule to your dentist!

The World In A Week 44 – Waiting For The Turn

Author: Jon Doyle January 23, 2020 In Blog, World in a Week
Although the year is still young, thus far into January markets have seen a broad continuation of the trends we observed in Q4 of 2019, and indeed for many of the last few years

What prompts you to give money to charity?

Author: Jon Doyle January 21, 2020 In Blog
In a fit of post-Christmas good will and New Years resolutions a number of people turn their minds to raising money for Charities. Often through fitness challenges such as Marathons and Triathlons. Charities that support children and young people are the most popular to assist in the UK, along with medical and animal organisations. A recent study of 2,000 adults found more than seven in ten of those polled believe it's essential to give to charity, with almost 65 per cent wishing they could afford to give more to good causes. A third of Brits are more likely to donate to a charity if it has helped someone they know. And the same proportion feel more charitable if a friend or family member has suffered from a condition related to the charity.

6 key considerations for Charity Trustees when reviewing Charity Investments

Author: Jon Doyle January 20, 2020 In Blog, Charity, General
Juniper Wealth Management Charity Investments
Whether you are new to being a Charity Trustee, an experienced Trustee or simply someone interested in becoming one in future getting to grips with some of the responsibilities you have can be difficult such as reviewing Charity Investments. You will be asked to make decisions and take responsibility for things that are often outside of your work and life experience to date such as Investment Policy Statements and other such regulations. In this article we outline 6 key considerations Charity Trustees need to consider when making Investment Decisions.

Could you be sitting on a forgotten fortune?

Author: Jon Doyle January 16, 2020 In Blog
What’s sitting unloved in your attic or cupboards? New research suggests that unwanted Bric-à-brac could be worth a collective £13 billion. The study, carried out by Mazuma Mobile, found that 90% of the 27.6 million households across the UK have a bits and bobs drawer containing valuable tech products. On average, each drawer contains three old mobile phones. 10% of Brits are hoarding seven old phones, some of the classic models more than a decade old!

Forget your Pension Contributions at your peril

Author: Jon Doyle January 12, 2020 In Blog
Have you contributed to a pension in recent years? Hopefully so and if you have, do make sure to enter the information on your tax return! Back in 2006, an attempt was made to simplify pensions legislation. It didn't work. There truly is little that is simple about the UK pension system, and it is massively rules-based, particularly when taking the tax treatment of contributions and benefits into account. Just ask anyone working the NHS how simple this has NOT turned out to be.

Rise of over 50s self-employed

Author: Jon Doyle January 8, 2020 In Blog
There has been a significant increase in the number of people aged over 50 who have become self-employed. Whether taking redundancy or drawing their Defined Benefit or Final Salary pension early or simply wanting to move into a line of work that is less structured or more flexible. A typical inquiry we may receive from a prospective client is in helping them work out if they can afford to take the redundancy package on offer and still live the life they want to live. How much will they need to earn from self-employment to supplement their income from investments and pensions.

The World In A Week 43 – New Decade, Old Problems

Author: Jon Doyle January 7, 2020 In Blog
We welcome not only a new year, but also a new decade. At the start of last year, we stated that in our opinion, the main risks were Trade, Brexit and Central Banks. Last year was arguably dominated by Central Banks, with a synchronised easing around the globe, most notably in the US, where Jerome Powell executed a complete U-turn, neutralising the previous rate hikes under his tenure.