Month: February 2020

Young women opt-out of workplace pensions

Author: Jon Doyle February 28, 2020 In Blog
When workplace pensions were introduced, there was widespread concern that a high proportion of employees would opt-out, and therefore miss out on contributions made by their employers. This fear does not appear to have materialised for most savers, with one exception. >New research by insurer Royal London has found that women in their 20s and 30s face significant challenges in saving for retirement, and young women are putting their future retirement security at risk by opting out of their workplace pension.

The World In A Week 49 – Priti point scoring shake up

Author: Jon Doyle February 25, 2020 In Blog, World in a Week
Last week the Home Secretary, Priti Patel announced a new points-based immigration system as part of the post-Brexit reform. This will bring an end to the free movement of labour and will come into play from the 1st January 2021 but this could lead to a shortage of staff in the social care sector which foreign workers currently make up a sixth of.

4 Simple Way To Pay Less Inheritance Tax

Author: Jon Doyle February 22, 2020 In Blog, Inheritance Tax, Investments, Personal Finance, Will and Estate Planning
If you are planning on passing wealth on to children or grandchildren you might be asking yourself how can I pay less inheritance tax? A bit of careful planning could mean more ends up in the hands of your loved ones.

What worries you about your retirement transition?

Author: Jon Doyle February 20, 2020 In Blog
Working out how much money might be spent in retirement was a concern that 52% of survey respondents had. So some forward budgeting seems to make sense. After all, you may have plans to spend some of your retirement on such things as spending more time with family members or travelling for holidays. The taxation system seemed to present a problem as well, with 54% of survey respondents concerned about “managing the tax implications of withdrawing from multiple accounts”.  Sometimes referred to as the “income batting order”.

The World In A Week 48 – Will Markets Catch A Cold?

Author: Jon Doyle February 18, 2020 In Blog
The economic impact of the Coronavirus has been mixed thus far, but we believe it will have long-reaching, knock-on effects to the greater Asian region. It is thought that the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) are likely to provide liquidity, to ease funding conditions in Chinese money markets in an effort to tackle do