Month: May 2020

Pension tips for Dr Dre and JK Rowling and 18,000 a week people just like them

Author: Jon Doyle May 28, 2020 In Blog
What unites JK Rowling, Rob Brydon, Jeremy Vine, Krist Novoselic(the bassist from Nirvana), Slash from Guns 'n Roses, Dr Dre and nearly ONE million people in the UK?

Options for parents as businesses return to work

Author: Jon Doyle May 24, 2020 In Blog
The prospect of businesses reopening after the lockdown is great news for the economy and jobs, for a daunting prospect for many parents. It can be hard to juggle work with parenting responsibilities, especially during this pandemic where traditional childcare options are few and far between. With this daunting prospect ahead, charity Citizens Advice has published guidance for parents to help them understand their options.

Spending habits change in the isolation economy

Author: Jon Doyle May 20, 2020 In Blog
Spending habits are changing in the isolation economy, with a shift in spending focus during lockdown. New research from Legal & General and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) found that spending habits in the isolation economy have changed by as much as £12.9 billion a year. This shift in spending habits is largely as a result of our increased spending during the lockdown on four key categories at home.

Why dying matters this week (and sadly every week)

Author: Jon Doyle May 16, 2020 In Blog
This week is Dying Matters Awareness Week; an awareness campaign which focuses on a range of issues around death, dying and bereavement. Death and dying is, sadly, something on the minds of tens of thousands of families across the UK, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate our daily lives.

The World In A Week 60 – Phoney War

Author: Jon Doyle May 12, 2020 In Blog, World in a Week
since their nadir on the 23rd March 2020, Equity markets have paid little heed to the deteriorating economic fundamentals, with MSCI ACWI up +18.2% and the S&P 500 up +21% in GBP terms. In the riskier Fixed Income markets, we have also seen a strong rally in High Yield Bonds from their lows, although this is arguably not as over-extended as the Equity markets. As we celebrated Victory in Europe Day over the Bank Holiday weekend, it has begun to feel like a phoney war mentality has taken over the markets – one that may collide with reality in due course. While the rally demonstrates the necessity of maintaining market exposure through all stages of a cycle, we remain neutral on Equities at this point.

The World In A Week 59.5 – Take 3?

Author: Jon Doyle May 8, 2020 In World in a Week
A week that has been punctuated by uncertainty and conjecture. As we get to the end of the second three-week lockdown period in the UK, headlines are full of rumour. No one knows what the effect of easing the restrictions will be, and as we have written previously, fear is one of the biggest dangers to the economy.

The World In A Week 59 – The End Of The Beginning

Author: Jon Doyle May 4, 2020 In Blog
Boris Johnson returned to no. 10 in full capacity last week after successfully recovering from the coronavirus. Boris returns to a torn party, split by those in favour of easing lockdown restrictions and those that believe lockdown restrictions should remain in place for longer. We expect more clarity towards the beginning of next week.

The World In A Week 58.5 – Not yet the time

Author: Jon Doyle May 1, 2020 In Blog
Boris Johnson, after celebrating the birth of his son yesterday, is today expected to announce that the coronavirus is being contained, but that it is not yet time to lift the restrictions. Concern is about lifting the lockdown measures too early and run the real risk of a second spike of infections. Silver linings and management of expectations for the public is key at this moment.