Month: January 2021

How To Protect Yourself From The Proposed Capital Gains Tax Hike

Author: Jon Doyle January 21, 2021 In Blog, Investments, Personal Finance
If you are an investor, own a second home or regularly sell high-value assets, you could soon have to pay a lot more tax. Advisers to the Government have recommended hiking and reforming Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in a move […]

As we say RIP to RPI: Here’s How It Will Affect Pensions

Author: Jon Doyle January 14, 2021 In Blog, Investments, Personal Finance, Retirement
Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in his Autumn Spending Review that the retail prices index (RPI) will be effectively abolished in 2030. While this is later than was previously assumed, his predecessor having pushed for a faster change, the implications are […]

The World In A Week 90 – White House Down

Author: Jon Doyle January 11, 2021 In Blog
Not to be outshone by its predecessor, 2021 gave us an unexpected first week of the year. Politically, this was going to be an important week in America. We had the final two seats in the Senate being contested, and […]

Stamp Duty Boom: Where Next For The Property Market In 2021?

Author: Jon Doyle January 7, 2021 In Blog, Investments, Personal Finance
The property market has been on a roll in recent months, but whether or not this can continue into 2021 remains to be seen, with the Stamp Duty cut ending and unemployment rising. At the time of writing the most […]

The World In A Week 89 – “That’s All Folks!”

Author: Jon Doyle January 4, 2021 In Blog, World in a Week
As Michael Caine famously said in the iconic movie The Italian Job, “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!” Which seems to sum up 2020 well – it’s not what we wanted, not what we expected, and the […]