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who we work with

Over the years, we have developed a particular understanding of the specific needs of six ‘types’ of client;

  • Dentists and doctors
  • Business owners and directors
  • Senior executives and professionals
  • Wealthy individuals and their families
  • Charities and non-profit organisations
  • Trustees

This means we have the specialist and in-depth knowledge of their financial challenges and complications and how to address them.

our process


The first step in your journey with us is a discovery meeting.

Together we will explore where you are today and paint a picture of the future you want to build.


We create and stress test a bespoke financial plan just for you


We start from the premise that there’s no point in recommending a strategy that we can’t explain easily, or that our clients won’t understand.

We will help you implement each part of your financial plan at the right time.


We believe that an ongoing relationship is where the real value of financial planning lies.

As things change over the years, whether this is in life, tax changes or legislation changes, we will always be there to ensure that we remain on top of everything, so that you have the best chance of achieving what’s most important to you.

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about juniper

As a firm, Juniper Wealth deliver a very personal and bespoke service. We use technology effectively to work with clients all over the country from our offices in Preston, Lancashire. This service would be impossible to deliver without our team of highly dedicated people who are really important to us.

If you hire Juniper Wealth Management as your Financial Planners you will soon discover how much of a team effort it is and how important this team is to your success.

As small business owners, we felt we needed more than just off-the-shelf approaches to planning for our financial future..

Jon conducted a full review of our existing position, but, crucially for us, spent just as much time on what our aspirations for the future were, not just financially, but how we wanted to enjoy our lives.

Chris and Amy via VouchedFor

our team

Founder and Financial Planner

Jon Doyle

Tea or coffee
Always always coffee

16 Personalities type
INTJ – the Architect

Favourite comfort food
I am partial to a Double Decker but my go to treat has to be a full English breakfast!

Favourite activity / hobbies
I love music and can get lost for hours playing up one my basses or guitars.
I also love most sports but at the moment am really enjoying my swimming again.

I have too many to go into detail on but a simple one at the moment is to qualify for a European or World Masters Swimming competition. The next one is in Doha in 2023 or Kazan, Russian in 2024 so we’ll see if I can get the times required.

The best thing about your job / Juniper as a firm
I am very fortunate in that there aren’t many parts of my job that I dislike. But the best by far is spending time with my clients, discussing their dreams and ambitions and developing the plans to make this happen. I also get a great kick out of them spending their money, especially if it is something we have worked towards or planned for a long time.

Interesting/surprising fact
I once played an open-air gig in front of 7,000 people for a singer-songwriter. However, also on the lineup were Peter Andre and JLS. Not my coolest moment musically but it was a lot of fun!


Stewart Cronin

Started with Juniper
1st November 2021

Tea or Coffee

16 Personalities Type
ISTJ – Logistician

Music to work to
Anything relaxing or the radio

Favourite comfort food
Home cooked fresh food – Gusto. Savoury over sweet

Favourite activity/hobbies
I regularly play football at the weekend and I am a big supporter of Swansea City FC. I also enjoy playing racquetball on a Thursday.

Surprising fact about you
I can speak a little bit of Welsh / Rydw i’n galli siarad tipyn bach o Gymraeg

Operations Administrator


Tea or Coffee
Both – I’m a Yorkshire girl so love a good cup of tea but I’m also partial to a nice cappuccino.

16 personalities type
INFJ – the Advocate

Music to work to
I’m more of a podcast listener when working – I like a bit of deep meaningful chat when working on things.

Favourite comfort food
Hands down, you can’t beat a chocolate sponge pudding with chocolate custard!

Favourite activity/hobbies
I absolutely love cooking (and having friends around to help eat it).

Surprising fact about you
I’ve met the Queen!

Marketing Director

Morgana Loze-Doyle

Tea or coffee
Coffee, always!

16 Personalities type
INFJ – the Advocate

Favourite comfort food
Apple and blackberry crumble is hands down my favourite comfort food.

Favourite activity / hobbies
I love curling up with a glass of wine and a good book. I also really enjoy getting the chance to go and watch live bands, but with two children it doesn’t happen as much as I’d like!

To live in Cornwall again, and if I’m thinking big, to build our own home.

Best thing about your job / Juniper as a firm
I love helping communicate to people what makes Juniper such a fantastic firm, how we are client focused and provide bespoke financial planning and don’t just sell products to people.

Interesting/surprising fact
I studied for my GSCEs independently while living in Armenia, where my parents were aid workers, and took my exams at the British Embassy.