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Will you retire on your terms, living the lifestyle you want and never worry about running out of money?

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You wouldn’t start treatment without a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan.

At Juniper Wealth we won’t provide advice without first doing proper Financial Planning.

What is a proper Financial Plan?

A proper Financial plan starts with a why? Why is money important to you?

We undertake a detailed review of your finances and the lifestyle it helps you live. From here we produce clear short and long term actions you need to take. A proper Financial Plan should leave you confident you can live the life you want to live and never run out of money.

What areas do Juniper Wealth provide advice on?

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  • Retirement Planning – We can discuss the wide number of choices open to you and help to tailor your income to meet your lifestyle needs.
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  • Savings and Investments – Our approach to Investment Management ensures you always take the right level of risk with your investments and you always know what is going on with your investments.
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  • Income Protection – We arrange tailored income protection to provide you with specialist products to provide a regular income in the event of illness or injury.
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  • Inheritance Tax Planning – Ensure your assets go to the right people, at the right time and minimise the impact of IHT with our Inheritance Tax Planning service.
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For a proper Financial Plan that can help you achieve your life goals get in touch.

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We understand the various pension options open to medical and dental practitioners including the various NHS Pension schemes. We help clients understand their present schemes and how they fit with their financial planning. So if you have membership of one or more of the 95 scheme, 2008 scheme or 2015 scheme we can help you plan for your financial future with confidence.

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Annual Allowance Advice & Strategy

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Lifetime Allowance Advice & Strategy

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Retirement Planning


Good solid investment opportunities

“We have worked with Jon Doyle as our financial adviser for a number of years. He has always listened to and worked with us, to achieve the sorts of solutions we want. His sound advice has enabled us to consolidate our finances into good solid investment opportunities and to achieve good growth rates.

We appreciate our regular planning reviews with Jon – he is friendly and professional and always gives us clear explanations about our finances and options. We would have no hesitation in recommending Jon’s excellent services to others.” – Chris and Laura

Frequently asked questions

[vc_tta_accordion c_icon=”triangle” active_section=”1″ ac_style=”style_2″][vc_tta_section title=”What happens to my NHS pension if I leave the NHS?” tab_id=”1493293487425-2092e5a5-cbc1″]

When you leave the Scheme, your pension will be deferred if you have either:

  • more than 2 years qualifying membership
  • less than 2 years in the Scheme, but have transferred a personal pension into the NHS Pension Scheme

This means the pension you have built up will remain in the Scheme. It will grow inline with inflation and will be paid when you reach your normal scheme pension age.

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The NHS provide active and deferred members with an Annual Benefit Statements through the Total Reward Statement portal. They’re also known as a Total Reward Statements. You can sign up for this yourself  using your government gateway ID.

You are able to transfer your NHS pension to a Private pension, and whilst we can provide advice whether this is something suitable for your situation it is a complex decision that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

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The exact nature of lump sum and pension payments to dependents will depend on the scheme that you have membership of  and whether you are an active or deferred member. However some general rules apply across all schemes.

On the death of an active or deferred member a lump sum and a pension income payment will be made to your nominated beneficiaries.

These can be your:

  • surviving spouse
  • civil partner
  • qualifying nominated partner, if you have one
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Upon retirement an income and a lump sum. The precise schemes you are a member of will dictate how much of a lump sum you are entitled to and of you can increase the lump sum in return for giving up some income.

You are unable to access flexible lump sums from your NHS pension. If this is important to you for your financial needs and requirements then other planning opportunities are available to assist you in creating tax efficient, flexible investment assets.

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