Game Changed

What do Dentists have to do in 2022 to ensure their financial freedom?

What you will discover

  • How to protect your wealth from inflation in 2022
  • The strategies used by the largest sovereign wealth funds, family offices and our clients to achieve investment success again and again
  • The simple tax strategy overlooked by investors time and again
  • The most overlooked piece of the financial freedom puzzle
  • How to implement all this by yourself
  • How Juniper is changing the game for Dentists and their financial planning in 2022

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Jon's advice and planning has been a great support whilst growing my practice. Juniper have been helped me to use Flexibile ISAs to fund practice expansion, manage my NHS pension issues and ensure I am adequately protected from financial issues. Beyond this I have found our meetings challenge me to think about what I want from life and how to overcome various business obsticles.


I was worried about potential volatility in the markets at the start of 2021 and the potential for inflation and uncertainty to undermine my current investment strategy. At that stage, I didn't know the fuel crisis was going to hit! Obviously, Jon doesn't have a crystal ball, but I think his advice has been sound to date and has taken my retirement status into full account when it comes to risk. My wife is about to retire and has worked in the NHS for many years. The NHS pension scheme is in something of a crisis at the moment, due to changes implemented in the past, which have been challenged. Jon has been and continues to be diligent in trying to sort out the implications of those changes for someone planning to retire in 2022. I'm not thick, but really the NHS pension scheme is not helpful and it defeats me to know which way to jump! I think it is really helpful to have someone like Jon in your corner, who is willing to go the extra mile and bring his expertise to bear and actually be an independent financial advisor.


As small business owners, we felt we needed more than just off-the-shelf approaches to planning for our financial future..

Jon conducted a full review of our existing position, but, crucially for us, spent just as much time on what our aspirations for the future were, not just financially, but how we wanted to enjoy our lives.

Chris and Amy

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