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Tea or coffee
Always always coffee

16 Personalities type
INTJ – the Architect

Favourite comfort food
I am partial to a Double Decker but my go to treat has to be a full English breakfast!

Favourite activity / hobbies
I love music and can get lost for hours playing up one my basses or guitars.
I also love most sports but at the moment am really enjoying my swimming again.

I have too many to go into detail on but a simple at the moment is to qualify for a European or World Masters Swimming competition. The next one is in Japan in 2021 so we’ll see if I can get the times required.

Best thing about your job / Juniper as a firm
I am very fortunate in that there aren’t many parts of my job that I dislike. But the best by far is spending time with my clients, discussing their dreams and ambitions and developing the plans to make this happen. I also get a great kick out of them spending their money, especially if it is something we have worked towards or planned for for a long time.

Interesting/surprising fact
I once played an open air gig in front of 7,000 people for a singer songwriter. However also on the line up were Peter Andre and JLS. Not my coolest moment musically but it was a lot of fun!