Month: June 2019

One option for women who haven’t saved enough for retirement

Author: Jon Doyle June 27, 2019 In Blog, Personal Finance
It’s long been known that men are more likely than women to make provision for retirement income. New research has found that almost a quarter of homeowning women over 55 do not have a private pension of their own. The […]

Is Cash changing for good?

Author: Jon Doyle June 27, 2019 In Blog, FinTech, Personal Finance
The future of cash in society is a hot topic, with changes to our shopping habits and advances in payment technology both spelling danger to coins and notes. Until recently, the future of 1p and 2p coins was in doubt. […]

The World In A Week 21 – How Low Can You Go?

Author: Jon Doyle June 25, 2019 In Blog, World in a Week
The US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) kept interest rates on hold last week. Despite an inordinate amount of pressure from Trump to cut rates and elements of US market data signalling a need for loosening of monetary policy, Jerome Powell, Chairman of The Fed, stood firm.

Modern Monetary Theory branded ‘rotten’

Author: Jon Doyle June 21, 2019 In Business Finance, General, News
Many organisations have made a case for Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) in recent years. In simple terms, MMT is an argument that nations that issue currencies, like the UK and Pound Sterling, can never run out of money in the […]

Homes no longer such a good earner

Author: Jon Doyle June 19, 2019 In Blog, Personal Finance
For many years, rampant house price inflation was a decent earner for many families across the UK. In some cases, people were ‘earning’ more from the rising value of their property than they were earning from employment or self-employment. This […]

The World In A Week 20 – Under Pressure

Author: Jon Doyle June 18, 2019 In Blog, World in a Week
As the mercury rises in the barometers of economic and political hallways, pressure builds across the globe. The rhetoric from policymakers at the beginning of the year has begun to wane and with it, sentiment has dropped. Investors and markets alike need to see significant improvement from a series of geopolitical concerns, which intensified last week.

Apathy towards inheritance tax could cost dearly

Author: Jon Doyle June 14, 2019 In Blog, Inheritance Tax, Will and Estate Planning
In our experience, clients typically take one of two views when it comes to inheritance tax.

I gave up

Author: Jon Doyle June 13, 2019 In Blog, General
I don’t know if you feel like this or if you know someone who feels like this but very often I hear regrets of people who gave up an instrument when they were a teen. Well I have always had […]

Don’t make this simple pension planning mistake

Author: Jon Doyle June 12, 2019 In Blog
According to Royal London, more than 750,000 people are currently at risk of leaving their pension to the wrong person when they die. Nominating your beneficiaries is completely in your hands but there is the small issue in that you […]

The World In A Week 19 – The UK / US Alliance

Author: Jon Doyle June 11, 2019 In Blog, General, News, World in a Week
Last week the US and UK commemorated and celebrated their historic alliance and friendship. The week included the rarity of both the D-Day commemorations of World War Two as well as the US President’s State Visit. Both occasions demonstrated the […]