Inheritance arrives at 47 years old

The average age for receiving an inheritance is 47. New research by equity release specialist Key has found that more than 11.6 million people in the UK have received an inheritance in the past decade. It means that 22% of adults have received an inheritance. For those aged between 65 and 74, the proportion rises to 29%. Parents are leaving …

Important inheritance conversations

When it comes to later life planning, talking to family about your plans is essential. According to new research, almost half of UK adults have not spoken to their family members about the contents of their will or their inheritance plans. While many people are basing their future plans on the receipt of an inheritance, and in many cases have …

We’re talking about the 100 Year life

When you think about your lifestyle goals and financial planning, how far ahead do you look? It wasn’t so long ago that planning to reach 80 meant you could be sure of financial security throughout your life. But now, it’s becoming increasingly common to celebrate your 100th birthday, bringing new challenges to planning. Just a century ago, 1% of babies born …

4 Simple Way To Pay Less Inheritance Tax

If you are planning on passing wealth on to children or grandchildren you might be asking yourself how can I pay less inheritance tax? A bit of careful planning could mean more ends up in the hands of your loved ones.

How well are you prepared for death?

Are you well prepared for death?

It sounds like an alarming question. Death is still a taboo topic for many people in the UK; it’s not especially comfortable to discuss our mortality, even with our family or closest friends.

But because death is an inevitable part of life, and one which has financial consequences, it is essential to discuss. Preparing for death should be one part of the agenda you cover with your financial planner.

Transferring unused inheritance tax nil-rate band

A question that often comes up when it comes to inheritance tax planning is how to transfer any unused nil rate band. It has been possible to transfer the unused percentage of the nil rate band from a deceased spouse or civil partner to the surviving spouse or civil partner since 9th October 2007. Whilst the transferable nil rate band …

Why you MUST make a Will!

Making a will is a really important building block in terms of financial planning. At the very least it helps to ensure that you control what happens in the event of your death actually does happen