Month: May 2019

The World In A Week 17 – All By Myself

Author: Jon Doyle May 29, 2019 In Blog, General, Investments, News, World in a Week
We have seen an uptick in volatility. Hostilities between the US and China show no signs of abating. The US Federal Reserve minutes indicate that it is unlikely there will be rate moves of any kind for some time and, […]

Mental energy to make important financial decisions

Author: Jon Doyle May 24, 2019 In Blog, Personal Finance
Making important decisions, especially money decisions, requires a lot of mental space. According to some new research, more than four million of us lack the mental space needed to make the right decisions when faced with difficult choices.

The World In A Week 16 – Taking matters in to your own hands…

Author: Jon Doyle May 21, 2019 In Blog, General, Investments, News, World in a Week
In what was a short week, owing to the bank holiday weekend, Brexit news was light; cross-party talks between Conservatives and Labour continue to progress, reducing angst over a Brexit deadlock. There was a variety of data releases last week […]

Lifetime allowance tax could trap more than a million pension savers

Author: Jon Doyle May 17, 2019 In Blog
Initially introduced in 2006, the pension lifetime allowance has been gradually reduced from its peak of £1.8m. For most people, the lifetime allowance in the current 2018/19 tax year is £1,030,000. From 6th April 2019, this will increase to £1,055,000, […]

The World In A Week 15 – Round 3: Trump thumps China

Author: Jon Doyle May 14, 2019 In Blog, General, Investments, News, World in a Week
On Sunday May 5th President Trump tweeted the following: ‘For 10 months, China has been paying Tariffs to the USA of 25% on 50 Billion Dollars of High Tech, and 10% on 200 Billion Dollars of other goods… The 10% will […]

Rising inflation and slowing property price growth

Author: Jon Doyle May 14, 2019 In Blog, General, News, Personal Finance
Price inflation, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), rose slightly in the year to February. The first time since last summer this measure of inflation has reported a rise, a trend that continued through to April. CPI inflation […]

Moral ideals for expected inheritances

Author: Jon Doyle May 10, 2019 In Blog
How do you plan to spend any inheritance you receive in the future? Despite a growing demand for inheritances to clear mortgage debts, pay for private education, and secure an income in retirement, our views are increasingly turning towards how we might help others.

The World In A Week 14 – A tantrum fit for a princeling

Author: Jon Doyle May 7, 2019 In Blog, General, Investments, News, World in a Week
Having advanced strongly for the year to date, with Global Equities returning +12.6%, markets took a breather last week and retreated by -1.1% in GBP terms. This was led by Europe Ex-UK and US Equities, while UK Equities and Emerging […]

People put off this important retirement planning decision due to lack of trust in family members

Author: Jon Doyle May 3, 2019 In Blog
According to some new research, people are putting off this important aspect of retirement planning as they can’t trust their family members to manage their finances on their behalf.

A picture of wealth in retirement

Author: Jon Doyle May 1, 2019 In Blog
The post-war baby boomer generation is often seen as a ‘fortunate’ generation, holding the majority of the wealth in this country. Many in this generation have benefited from rising property values, gold-plated final salary pensions and booming stock markets during […]