Month: October 2020

UK’s Biggest Pension Fund Divests From Fossil Fuels, What Does It Mean?

Author: Jon Doyle October 30, 2020 In Blog, Investments, Personal Finance
The UK’s biggest pension fund, Nest, is beginning the process of divesting its huge portfolio from fossil fuels. But what does that mean and why is it making the change? Nine million pension savers use Nest to build a retirement […]

The World In A Week 82 – Wave Motion

Author: Jon Doyle October 27, 2020 In Blog, World in a Week
Markets had a little bit of a wobble last week, with the MSCI All Country World Index of global equities falling by -1.1% in Sterling terms. The best performing markets were in the Emerging Markets and Japan, which posted small positive gains. This was, however, offset by falls in the US and Continental Europe. Within Fixed Income, High Yield Bonds managed to rally despite the wider risk-off mood, while Global Treasuries and Investment Grade Bonds posted losses.

5 Things To Check Before Cashing In A Final Salary Pension

Author: Jon Doyle October 23, 2020 In Blog, Personal Finance, Retirement
If you’re fortunate enough to have a Final Salary pension, you have options for creating a retirement income that suits your goals. But, if you’re tempted to transfer out of a scheme, it’s essential you understand what you’d be giving […]

Good Money Week: ESG And Investment Sustainability

Author: Jon Doyle October 21, 2020 In Blog
Do you consider sustainability when making financial decisions? With Good Money Week starting on the 24th October, which aims to encourage people to think about sustainability when it comes to banking, pensions, savings and investments, now is a good time to […]

The World In A Week 81 – A Tiered Wall Of Worry

Author: Jon Doyle October 20, 2020 In Blog, World in a Week
COVID-19 weighed on sentiment, with cases globally increasing throughout the week. In Europe, figures jumped by more than 625,000, which meant new restrictions were implemented in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

Does Market Volatility Affect Your Pension Choices?

Author: Jon Doyle October 16, 2020 In Blog, Investments, Personal Finance, Retirement
If you’re retiring this year, you may be worried about what the market volatility caused by Covid-19 means for your options. The good news is that Pension Freedoms, introduced in 2015, means you can choose how and when you access […]

The World In A Week 80 – Tackling The Inequality

Author: Jon Doyle October 12, 2020 In Blog, World in a Week
Much of the talk in recent days has been about a proposed three-tier lockdown system which should provide greater clarity and outline the risk level of various regions. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, will also present his proposals for a regional […]

5 Things To Consider When You Come Into Unexpected Money

Author: Jon Doyle October 9, 2020 In Blog, Investments, Personal Finance
Everyone has at some point daydreamed about what they’d do if they suddenly came into a large amount of money. But what would you do if it really happened?

The World In A Week 79 – Focus On Floating

Author: Jon Doyle October 6, 2020 In Blog, World in a Week
Last week was ultimately centred around the US Presidential Election.  It started with an article on the lack of tax that President Donald Trump has paid and finished with the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces testing positive for COVID-19. […]