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The most dangerous thing to say in investing is “this time it’s different”. We have taken a look back over the last 84 years at all the biggest reasons reasons you could come up with in any given year to not invest.

There will always be reasons.

But the stock market will blissfully ignore our reasons to be fearful and will keep moving forward.

Our friend and ally in overcoming this fear is simple.


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2020COVID-19, Australian Bush Fire, US Election, Brexit Trade Talks
2019Stock Markets Hit Record Highs, UK Election
2018US-China Trade Wars, Brexit Talks Stall
2017Trump Inaugoration, Brexit Uncertainty, UK General Election
2016Brexit Vote, US Elections
2015Chinese Stock Market Turbulance, The Paris Attacks and U.S. Mass Shootings
2014Ebola Outbreak, Scottish Referendum, Fighting in Ukraine and Crimea
2013US Senate Expenses Scandal, Boston Marathon Bombing
2012Greek Debt Crisis, Falling Off the U.S. Fiscal Cliff
2011London Riots, Japanese Tsunami, The European Debt Crises
2010BP Oil Spill, UK Spending Cuts, Coalition Government
2009U.S. Unemployment Rate Exceeds 10%
2008The Global Financial Crisis Begins
2007The Chinese Correction, Gordon Brown Succeeds Tony Blair, SNP Becomes Scotland Largest Political Party
2006North Korea Tests Nuclear Missiles, Mumbai Train Bombings
2005Gulf Hurricanes, London Bombings
2004Interest Rates Rise, Decline Of The Dollar
2003Invasion of Iraq
2002Corporate Accounting Scandals, US Invades Aghanistan
2001Terrorist Attacks on USA
2000Tech Bubble Burst
1999Y2K Scare
1998Asian Flu
1997Hong Kong Reverts to China
1996Dow Tops 6,000
1995Dow Tops 5,000
1994Fed Raises Interest Rates Six Times
1993Health Care Reform
1992Global Recession
1991Fall of Berlin Wall, UK Recession
1990Persian Gulf War
1989October “Mini-Crash”
1988Iran Hostage Crisis
1987Record-Setting Market Decline
1986Dow Near 2000
1985Economic Growth Slows, Riots in Brixton and Broadwater
1984Record Federal Deficits In US, Miner’s Strike
1983Market Hits New Highs
1982Worst Recession in 40 Years, Falklands War, 3 Million Unemployed
1981Steep Recession Begins, Brixton Riots
1980Interest Rates At All-Time High, Inflation Rockets
1979Oil Prices Skyrocket, Devolution Of Scotland and Wales
1978Winter Of Discontent, Interest Rates Rise In US
1977Rising Inflation and Market Slumps
1976Sterling Crisis, High Inflation nd Unemployment
1975Thatcher Becomes Leader Of Conservative Party, EEC Referendum
1974Steepest Market Drop in Four Decades In US, State Of Emergency Announced in Northern Ireland
1973Stock Market Falls 45%, British SHares Fall £4 Billion In One Day
1972Watergate, Largest U.S. Trade Deficit Ever, Munich Massacre
1971Indo-Pakistan War
1970Cambodia Invaded- Vietnam Spreads
1969Money Tightens, Dow Jones Declines 18%
1968USS Pueblo Seized, Robert F Kennedy Assassination
1967Arab-Israeli War
1966Vietnam War Escalates
1965Civil Rights Marches
1964Gulf of Tonkin
1963John F Kennedy Assassinated
1962Cuba Missile Crisis
1961Berlin Wall Erected
1960Russia Downs U-2 Plane
1959Castro Seizes Power in Cuba
1957Russia Launches Sputnik
1956Suez Crisis
1955Eisenhower Illness
1954Dow Tops 300- MARKET HIGH
1953Russia Explodes H-Bomb
1952U.S. Seizes Steel Mills
1951Excess Profits Tax
1950Korean War
1949Russia Explodes A-Bomb
1948Berlin Blockade
1947Cold War Begins
1946Dow Tops 200- MARKET HIGH
1945Post-War Recession Predicted
1944Consumer Goods Shortage
1943Industry Mobilizes
1942Wartime Price Controls
1941Pearl Harbor
1940France Falls
1939War in Europe
1938War Clouds Gather
1936Economy Still Struggling
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