Month: February 2019

The World In A Week 4 – Silence is Golden

Author: Jon Doyle February 25, 2019 In Blog, General, Investments, News, World in a Week
You wouldn’t be mistaken if you heard tumbleweed last week, with little news of note; even the Trump twitter feed was silent, leading in to what was an incredibly quiet week. It was President’s Day on Monday which meant US […]

Transferring unused inheritance tax nil-rate band

Author: Jon Doyle February 22, 2019 In Blog, Inheritance Tax, Will and Estate Planning
A question that often comes up when it comes to inheritance tax planning is how to transfer any unused nil rate band. It has been possible to transfer the unused percentage of the nil rate band from a deceased spouse […]

World In A Week No.3 – Jeans On

Author: Jon Doyle February 19, 2019 In Blog, General, Investments, News, World in a Week
Last Wednesday the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) received an Initial Public Offering (IPO) filing from Levi Strauss & Co, the US clothing manufacturer, to re-list on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The 145 year old firm first […]

Six warning signs of an investment scam

Author: Jon Doyle February 15, 2019 In Blog
It can be a dangerous world out there for your personal finances. Scammers and fraudsters are sadly widespread, with stories of new scams coming to light every week and always looking for their next unsuspecting victim. New figures highlighted by […]

World in a Week No. 2 -Central Bankers Pause for Thought

Author: Jon Doyle February 11, 2019 In Blog, General, Investments, News, World in a Week
This week global markets started to recover from an agitated final quarter of 2018 by inching upwards. The MSCI All Country World Index posted a gain (+1.14%), primarily led by the United States’ stock markets which also recorded a gain […]

Why you MUST make a Will!

Author: Jon Doyle February 5, 2019 In Blog, General, Will and Estate Planning
Making a will is a really important building block in terms of financial planning. At the very least it helps to ensure that you control what happens in the event of your death actually does happen

World in a Week No. 1 – A Sisyphean Task

Author: Jon Doyle February 4, 2019 In Blog, General, Investments, News, World in a Week
Welcome to our new weekly update– ‘The World In A Week’. This week we are focusing on ‘A Sisyphean Task’. King Sisyphus as punishment for believing himself smarter than Zeus was forced to roll a huge boulder up a hill […]