Pension Annual Allowance…. are you a winner or a loser?

Over the few years nothing has quite caused as much of a headache in the Pensions world as the Pension Annual Allowance.

NHS doctors were one of the highly affected groups – some started turning down additional work to avoid being caught by the charge. This put additional pressure on the NHS and the government had to take action.

What A 19th Century Doctor Can Teach Us About Investing

The story of Ignaz Semmelweis is tragic and inspiring in equal measures. Born 1818 in Buda (now Budapest), Hungary, Semmelweis was a man of his time, according to Justin Lessler, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. It was a time Lessler describes as “the start of the golden age of the physician-scientist”. Physicians were expected to have scientific …

Tapered Annual Allowance – What NHS Pension members need to know

The Annual Allowance is reduced for all individuals with a ‘threshold income’ of £110,000 or more and an ‘adjusted income’ of £150,000 or more.  This article explains these two measures of income and how the Tapered Annual Allowance works for those affected.

It is worth noting that NHS Pension members do not currently have the option to stop or reduce their pension input while remaining a member of the scheme.  Doctors who are subject to a Tapered Annual Allowance will therefore commonly find they have an Annual Allowance excess to pay.